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Hopefully you recognize these bold eyes and inviting smile, but if not, I am Leanne Evalyn Morancie, Miss Legacy International 2017; also known as Leanne Lutterness. I'll begin by showing appreciation to everyone who has made my journey thus far magical in one way or the other. Despite the impediments associated with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, I wish to express gratitude for your continuous support, respect and honor. In this blog series I will share with you some personal life happenings which crafted ‘FLY’ *First. Love. Yourself* into not only my chosen platform in pageantry but how this motto managed to morph my life and most importantly how it can transform yours and the lives of those around you. I vow to only speak of my experiences however I know this formula works! It’s evident in the lives of many others who have crossed my path. If evolution and self-mastery is the next level on your journey, or you may simply be seeking self-confidence boosting tools, or tips to take your small business to the next level, I encourage you to read along with a relentless heart and remain open to receive.

You see, love and guidance are communicated in many different ways. For example, do you often look up at the clock or look down at your wrist or phone and notice the time 11:11? If this wake-up call is happening to you, it is happening to so many others right now. It wasn’t until fall 2012 that I paid closer attention to this recurring number and it’s pattern in my life experiences. My guides and angels also communicate their love and guidance to me through feathers and butterflies; monarchs to be exact!

One of the most effective ways to leave bad habits behind is by starting off with the thought, "I no longer want this in my life". By rearranging my thought patterns I was able to restructure my life and live my dream lifestyle as Miss Legacy International. This was the first observation in myself as a rainbow. Instead of judgement I would say bless them and sincerely mean it. This is the path of mastery, when you are able to do nothing but bless everything and everyone as is. It is still my desire to witness the changes in your life and to see you shine so brightly, others have no choice but to light up with you. Happy findings loved ones, until next time.

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