Meet Our Executive Team

Roushelle Reign


Born and raised in St. Andrew, Jamaica, Roushelle Reign is a visionary who focuses on connecting the world to Jamaica and the Caribbean diaspora. Now residing in Toronto, Canada, her reign as Miss Canada Petite 2012 has led to her become a cultural ambassador and a pillar in the community.

In 2014 her creative consultancy was established as Roushelle Reign - which owns and operates the Miss Legacy International Pageant and the CaribeMade Fashion Week Toronto. Roushelle is a professionally trained multidisciplinary dancer who takes pleasure in mentoring young women through the arts. A woman of international stature, with collaborations in the pageant, fashion, charity and entertainment industries, this brilliant beauty has the depth of vision, fabulousness and perseverance to lead brands and pageant systems into excellence. In all her glittered greatness, Reign is an exceptional legacy.

Shi likkle, but she Tallawah!

Miss Legacy International Pageant Ifidel Williams


Perhaps one of the most notable faces on the local scene in Jamaica, Ifidel Williams is a talent with a passion for music , social development and creative empowerment.  He has worked  extensively on various musical and community projects with a number of renowned artists, producers and NGO groups.

Born in St Andrew Jamaica, the Jamaica College alumni under the tutelage of Cathy levy (The Little People and Teen Players Club), developed and found his love for the performing arts. The training he received landed him a full time position in the internationally acclaimed Ashe Performing Arts Company where the performer in him was nurtured and refined.  Ifidel has also toured the world extensively with artists such as singers Tessanne Chin and Diana King.  Ifidel has warmed the hearts of the  Jamaican  people serving as a supporting vocalist on the hit television series Digicel Rising Stars for 10 years. He is breaking new ground as creative director for various local artists.
Whether you call him "Ifi or Fidel”, he has a star quality that's loved, admired and respected by many. The Edna Manley past student has much to look forward to as he embarks on this new phase. Ifidel is being strategically placed to become a global household name.  With a distinctive presence sought after by many it is believed that Ifidel has that "it" factor that the industry needs at this stage; a combination of passion, crisp vocals littered with moments that will leave you in awe. "It's near impossible to predict or define what the future has in store but one thing is for sure, I'll always keep pushing the success boundaries."

Miss Legacy International Pageant Lij Tafari

director of communications

“Tough times don't last, but tough people do.” The saying made popular by Robert Schuller has become the mantra of the vibrant & resilient Lij Tafari Smith, Director of Communications of MLI.

Lij, whose stage name is 'Lijitimate,' is a 24 year old who holds a BA in Journalism at the University of the West Indies and now practices as an entertainment journalist, television host, intern marketer and recently CEO of Personally Ja, a local clothing store.

Lij enjoys all things media and art. He made his debut as an online radio host in 2014 and has since been featured in short films and advertisements, local TV shows and now works alongside local celebrities as he serves across many branches of media simultaneously. Two of Lij's greatest aspirations are to become an international television/radio host and to create a media company that hones and produces future personalities and practitioners.

Lij believes journalism, entertainment and ‘lifestyle’ are fields of service and not just a platform to promote “self.” Above being dynamic, hard-working, committed and detailed, Lijitimate sees himself as a visionary. He declares his ultimate purpose is to relate, inspire and change lives one conversation, one camera, one audience at a time.